New stored pressure fire extinguishers


We can supply, commission and install quality fire extinguishers at highly competitive prices to Leicester and surrounding counties.

Buying and installing quality fire extinguishers that will perform when they are needed are not just (for most) a legal requirement but potentially life and property saving asset.

At Halo Fire Ltd we believe that the cost to purchase quality, certified and accredited extinguishers shouldn’t have to be extortionate. We believe in keeping our prices keen and often our prices compete with most online, supply only suppliers.

Halo Fire Ltd uses leading suppliers of quality extinguishers to ensure that the products we supply meet the high standards our customers deserve.

The supply service we offer ranges from supply only to supply commission and install. Supply only is ideal for customers who are happy with their current service provider or are stuck in a service contract but want replacement new extinguishers at a more reasonable price. Please be aware, all new extinguishers require commissioning immediately prior to installation in accordance with British Standards.

If you’re are looking to purchase new extinguishers or replace old or unserviceable extinguishers, please get in touch for a competitive quote.