Should you or your employees ever have to extinguish a fire using an extinguisher, would you or they have the confidence or ability to use the extinguisher?
Luckily, due to new standards, the operation of extinguishers has in general become a lot simpler. This said though, a bit of training and hands on experience in using extinguishers is going to be an advantage should you or they need to.

There are many companies that can supply you with ‘all bells and whistles’ fire training courses and we would always recommend this route if your budget allows it.

Alternatively, Halo Fire Ltd offers a relatively economic way of giving you and your employees some basic extinguisher training. Our demonstration involves us giving some background information into the different types of extinguishers, demonstrating how to use the extinguishers and offering you and your staff to have a go at discharging extinguishers for yourselves.
Please note we are not insured and will not 1) demonstrate the extinguishers on live fires, 2) discharge powder extinguishers due to the destructive nature of the powder.